Yellowcard – One For The Kids

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Vinyl

Yet another moment I dreaded, Shit Radio Cast licensing out another album to press on vinyl that I would want. This one was in the works for years before finally being released. I don’t think Shit Radio Cast will ever win me over enough to patron them on a regular basis, but in terms of actually shipping orders, they held up their end of the deal on this one.  But that doesn’t mean there were no issues regarding this release. The vinyl release of One For The Kids also included a bonus 7″ that featured the bonus track “Rough Draft.” The LP came housed in a gatefold jacket that included a pocket inside the gatefold to house the bonus 7″. I will include pictures of gatefold jacket both with and without the 7″ in it.

While the pressing info was initially advertised to be certain numbers, a few days before the records were set to start shipping SRC came out an said they were “shorted” copies of the least rare color to all of a sudden make it the second rarest color. After the record was released the shadiness didn’t stop either, as another color variant was announced that would be sold exclusively through Hot Topic. A strategic move on their part so they could sell as many copies as they could knowing many people would not buy the record directly from them if given the choice of buying from another distro or store. Had I known that would be happening I would have bought the record from Hot Topic instead of dealing with SRC.

One For The Kids was pressed on four colors, and as mentioned above the pressing numbers drastically changed. Initially there were only three colors advertised on the following amounts; yellow limited to 300 copies, orange limited to 300 copies and white limited to 500 copies. A bit of foreshadowing was done by someone on a message board when he said “this will be pressed to meet demand;” as when all was said and done the numbers dwindled and increased. The final numbers are yellow limited to 300 copies, orange limited to 287 and white limited to 317. The Hot Topic color was red, which was limited to 300 copies. But it’s possible that number is not firm either. The aforementioned bonus 7″ was pressed on two colors, clear limited to 500 copies and black limited to 1,000 copies. Clear copies were randomly inserted into orders, except for those who ordered all three colors were guaranteed to get at least one copy of the 7″ on clear. The black copies of the 7″ were initially advertised as “unlimited,” but a few days after the record started shipping SRC announced they pressed 1,000 copies on black. So somehow “unlimited” turned into 1,000.

As most people know pressings tend to overrun or even get shorted from what a label orders. However, I have never seen or heard of a label being shorted close to 200 copies. Typically the highest over/unders go is in the 20 range. When someone asked about the shortage on a message board SRC “operates” they dodged the question. If you ask me it’s no coincidence that the least rare color got shorted to even it out with the rest of the colors. What likely happened was SRC placed the order after seeing what colors were selling well during pre-orders, and seeing they would never sell 500 copies of the white they asked the plant to scale back production of it.

Another interesting thing is that with the official pressing numbers SRC gave comes out to 1,204 while they pressed 1500 copies of the 7″. So there are several scenarios that could play out. 1: SRC is stuck would just about 300 copies of the 7″. 2: SRC will sell the remaining copies of the 7″ at some point. 3: The pressing numbers on the 7″ are wrong. 4: The pressing numbers on the Hot Topic exclusive red copies are wrong. 5: There will be yet another color variant announced limited to however many copies of the 7″ are left. 6: There will be a second pressing of the LP to use up the remaining copies of the 7″.


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