Harvard/HRVRD – The Inevitable And I (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Vinyl
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Harvard’s aka HRVRD’s debut album released by Enjoy The Ride Records. This will be the only pressing of the album that features the band’s name original name, Harvard, before changing it to HRVRD. For those needlessly hating on Enjoy The Ride for being one of those labels that only license albums to press on vinyl, here you go; an album from a band signed to ETR.

As mentioned above, this first pressing will be the only one that will have ‘Harvard’ printed on the cover. All subsequent pressings will have the band’s new name, ‘HRVRD’ printed on the cover and anywhere else it applies. This first pressing also features spot gloss printing on the gatefold jacket and is accompanied by an exclusive DVD featuring a documentary and live footage.  there were 500 total copies pressed split across three colors; black 180 gram limited to 100 copies, sea green with blood splatter limited to 200 copies and ocean blue swirl limited to 200 copies. Some refer to the sea green with blood splatter as “peacock” after seeing how the finished records look. You can see a picture of that color on ETR’s website. The black 180 gram copies were a tour exclusive and some copies could also be bought at indie record store Lunchbox Records in North Carolina, the band’s home state. At some point ETR started selling a handful of copies of the black 180 gram in their web store.

Enjoy The Ride broke up the pressing to try an accommodate a bundle deal that included the band’s second album, but that kind of fell through after the band signed with Equal Vision Records, who seem to want to wait and release HRVRD’s sophomore album in 2013. ETR started selling some of the 200 copies of the ocean blue copies in their web store sometime during the Summer of 2012 (the CD version of the album was released in April 2012). The first pressing is completely sold out.

In early 2013 the second pressing of The Inevitabl And I was released, which underwent some changes from the first press. Most noticeable is the name change on the cover from ‘Harvard’ to ‘HRVRD.’ Secondly the jacket is no longer a gatefold and the printing of the jacket is different as well, as there is no spot glossing. Also gone is the insert, which is not included with the second pressing. The spine is also different in color with the second pressing, it’s now purple instead of a tan or light brown color. While most of Enjoy The Ride’s releases to date have been top-notch quality, this re-press of Harvard/HRVRD’s debut album seems cheap. Granted I’m only saying that based on the quality of all their other releases, and had this second pressing come out on another label it would pass for great. I know they went above and beyond, sparing no expense with the first pressing, so the cheapness quality of this re-press just stands out more. It’s not terrible by any means, just sub par based on Enjoy The Ride’s previous release.

There were three variants for the second pressing. There 200 copies pressed on clear with blue, oxblood red and yellow splatter, 100 copies on solid blue/clear swirl with oblood splatter and 300 copies on solid blue. The solid blue was a Hot Topic exclusive and the sold blue/clear swirl with oxblood splatter was only available in a bundle deal from Enjoy The Ride with the first pressing of HRVD’s sophomore album From The Bird’s Cage.


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