Minus The Bear – Infinity Overhead (Ultimate Book & Regular Edition – 1st Press)

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Vinyl

When Minus The Bear’s latest album went up for pre-order there were a few options in terms of bundles or package deals available through Minus The Bear’s official webstore. There was the choice to buy just the album on CD or as a digital download. At the time the record could not be purchased on its own, however the record did become available for pre-order through other distros. There was the option that included a choice between two different types of t-shirts (crew neck or v-neck) that featured the same design and a CD or vinyl LP, but with the vinyl option also came an exclusive slip mat. Then there was the pricey, “ultimate book” package, which included a 16 page hardbound book, the CD and vinyl version (exclusive 180 gram black copy) of the album, an autographed lithograph and the aforementioned slip mat and t-shirt. There was also the incentive that 10 random people who ordered the “ultimate book” package would receive a hand written lyric sheet to one of the 10 songs on Infinity Overhead, which was also autographed by Jake. This was one sheet for each song with one going out to each randomly drawn person, not 10 sheets for the same song. All bundles included a high quality digital download delivered via e-mail on release day. The shirt and CD/LP bundle cost $40 and the “ultimate book” package cost $85. Lastly, there were also UK exclusive bundles being sold by Big Scary Monsters (BSM), a UK label. Through the UK route the record was available on its own, or you could buy the two color variants together in a bundle as well. All pre-orders through BSM included a three pin set as well.

At the time pre-orders went up I debated whether or not to pull the trigger on the “ultimate book” package due to the price. After hearing some of the songs off the album and confirming the record would be housed inside the book I decided go for it. After receiving the book earlier this week I do not regret splurging on it. Though advertised as 16 pages, the book is actually 20 pages long. The record  and autographed lithograph each slide into their own page in the book, towards the back of it. The CD is also housed in the book itself as well, resting in one of the pages. It’s held into the book like it would be in a typical jewel case or digipack, only without the actual case. Each book is individually numbered in silver foil stamping on the last page of the book. Since the record is housed inside one of the pages, it does not come with the jacket that it would come with had it been purchased on its own in a store or online. When my package arrived there was a sticker on top of the box indicating it was the  “special edition deluxe set” even though none of the packages were actually called that. I’m assuming all orders for the “ultimate book” bundle had the same sticker on the package. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones to receive a hand written lyrics sheet. Below you will find pictures of every included with the “ultimate book” bundle except the t-shirt, and this may be the first place to post pictures of every page of the book.

Infinity Overhead was pressed on two colors in the U.S. and possibly two colors in the UK. For the U.S. pressing there is black 180 gram limited to 1,000 copies, which is exclusive to the “ultimate book package” and clear, which is appears to be unlimited at this point and will be kept in print on for the time being. For the UK there is blue limited to 200 copies and clear limited to 300 copies. The UK blue was exclusive to BSM. The UK clear is more opaque and the U.S. clear is more of a traditional clear. Both pressings came in the same gatefold jacket with the same  full color printed dust sleeve. I am pretty positive that the deluxe book is now OOP, since the band is no longer selling it. There are a few places taking preorders for a 50 page book edition, but I have emailed Dangerbird and they confirmed to me that there is only one book version, the 16 page one they offered for pre-order. So do not order from anywhere stating they are selling a 50 page book of Infinity Overhead, as that product does not and will not ever exist.


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