The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten (U.S. Pressing) w/ Bonus 7″ (German exclusive)

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Vinyl

While this record has been out for a while, due to extenuating circumstances I just got my copy in last week. While I got in on a group buy for the German release of the LP that included an exclusive 7″ featuring the album’s bonus tracks from the deluxe version, the initial copies sent from Germany were actually the U.S. pressing of the record. Eventually a true Euro pressing was released, which had subtle difference like no anti-piracy warning slapped on the jacket, different Mercury logos, slightly different printed dust sleeve, slightly different shade of blue vinyl, slightly different sticker on the cover, no download code, slightly different band logo and slightly different center labels. I think it also goes without saying that the Euro pressing was done at a different plan than the U.S. pressing, but from time to time I get disgruntled comments blasting me for my omission of that fact.

Initially there were supposed to be 500 copies of the aforementioned bonus 7″, but due to high demand there were 750 copies pressed. The additional copies became available and were announced a few weeks after the album first went up for pre-order. The pre-order with the exclusive bonus 7″ was only available through two German distros, Greenhell and Flight13. After all was said and done it come out to about $30 to get my copy imported from Germany, but this was with a group buy. If you were to buy a copy on your own your cost would have been a decent amount higher.

As for pressing info, nothing official has been stated other than the german bonus 7″, which is limited to 750 copies on blue vinyl. The U.S. and Euro pressings are both on blue 180 gram vinyl. There have been rumblings that the U.S. pressing is limited to 10,000 copies and the Euro pressing limited to 500 copies, but they are only rumors that have, and probably never will be substantiated. It’s important to note the the bonus 7″ does have “promo” printed on the center label.  For the U.S. pressing there is an image of Ian Perkins of The Horrible Crowes printed inside the jacket opening.


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