Cassino – Kingprince (1st & 2nd press)

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Vinyl
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Cassino’s Kingprince is the third release on Collective Confusion Records. The label went all out with the pressing, giving the double LP a silk screened jacket, a lyric insert on the same heavyweight paper the jackets were printed on, adding on a few bonus track to the record that were taken from Cassino’s The Weight Of Bother and a digital download of the entire album plus the bonus tracks taken from the vinyl master. The bonus tracks in order of appearance were “The Man’s Throne (Full Band),” “Cannonball (acoustic),” “Maddie Brown (alternate)” and “Cannonscore.” They were placed at the end of the Kingprince album.  Fans of Cassino and Northstar were very excited about the release and snatched up copies pretty quickly, as the pressing sold out in just a few days.

There were 250 total copies pressed spread across four colors (which goes by color of the jacket); 100 copies on black vinyl with white jackets and 100 copies on clear blue vinyl in blue jackets. There was also a secret variant that went into random orders, which was on black vinyl housed in a black jacket, which has glow in the dark ink that appears grey when under light. The insert for the secret variant was printed with the same glow in the dark ink as well.

The secret variant was limited to 25 copies and was given out in place of one of the regular variants (black and clear with blue ink) for those who ordered a bundle. People who bought the bundles were able to opt out of the running for a secret variant; I opted to leave my name in the hat and was lucky enough to receive a copy of the secret variant. All copies were hand numbered on the back of the jacket. The way the numbering was done for the regular variants (white and blue jackets) had every copy be /200, with the white copies getting the even numbers and the blue copies getting the odd numbers. The secret variant was numbered /25.

Collective Confusion did an interesting thing with the few overrun copies of the record, printing up new jackets for them, which were green. These green jackets were limited to 25 copies and were also hand numbered like the rest of the pressing. Another oddball variant was a result of overruns and any issues at the hands of the USPS customers had after receiving their orders. There are only two copies with a blue jacket and one black LP and one clear with blue ink LP, which I was fortunate enough to get my hands on. Since these were overrun copies they did not come with inserts. These two variants went up for sale in August. The entire pressing of Kingprince is now OOP with no plans to re-press it as of writing this.

When people started receiving their orders for the record, someone made it known that he felt the blue jackets were not blue, or not blue enough for his liking. As I have all the variants for this record I can assure everyone that the blue jackets are in fact blue and you can see the difference between the white and blue jackets. Especially when side by side, which you can see in the pictures below as I am purposely placing the white and blue jackets next to each other. To make a long story short, Mike from Collective Confusion addressed the concerns about the blue jacket, stating the blue chosen for the jackets turned out to be lighter than expected. Another important thing to note with this release is how it was handled. Other labels can look at Collective Confusion and take notes on how to operate. Throughout the entire process of releasing this record, Collective Confusion openly communicated with the vinyl community, which was a much welcomed breath of fresh air as countless labels both big and small ignore people. Mike, who runs the label, did not shy away from answering everyone’s questions and concerns regarding the release, he gave full details about the pressing as soon as he confirmed them and was also up front with the timelines of the release.

In early February 2013 Collective Confusion announced Kingprince would receive a re-pressing. The second pressing was done as a double LP and was limited to 300 copies spread across three colors, once again with color matching silk screened jackets. There are 100 copies each on black, green and cream. Collective Confusion had some help with the release from three other small indie labels; Workingman Records, Thunderbeard Records and Boshkung Records. The three variants were therefore named after those respective labels. The cream was the Collective Confusion Records varaint, black the Thunderbeard Records variant and green was the Working Man Records variant. Collective Confusion offered a bundle with all three colors available along with some copies of each color individually.

Like with the first pressing there was a secret variant of sorts that went out into random bundle orders in place of one of the regular variants. This “special jacket” was autographed by the band and I beleive was printed on a different color paper than the main variants. I also beleive the color of the records with the special jacket was random but was one of the three regular variants (black, green or cream). There were test pressings for the second pressing.

There are some subtle differences between the two pressings. The center labels are different between them, which you can see in the pics below. The artwork is also slightly different, which you can compare in the pics below as well. The second pressing does not come with an insert; rather the lyrics are printed inside the sleeve. As for sound, I did not notice one pressing being superior over the other. They both sound great.


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