No Doubt – Push And Shove

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Vinyl

When No Doubt announced they would record a new album, which wound up taking forever to get recorded and released, I was excited. My expectations were not too high in hopes for a pre-Rock Steady or even a pre-Return Of Saturn sound after seeing what the band progressed into after Tragic Kingdom. But I’ll admit part of me was holding out hope that No Doubt would not continue down that path and would come out with an album that would be good.

Thankfully I got this record for free because it’s complete trash. Utter garbage and somehow worse than Rock Steady, if that’s humanly possible. Rock Steady was full of over produced, push button electronic beats, but at least there were a few songs listenable that I enjoyed. Despite what the band and Gwen Stefani said throughout the writing and recording process for Push And Shove, this record was clearly made for clubs and Stefani’s horrific solo music influenced greatly as well.

Push And Shove was pressed as a picture disc in a picture disc sleeve, and I couldn’t think of an album more deserving of that vinyl treatment. It retails for anywhere between $20-$30, with some ill-informed people on ebay bidding copies up to over $40 a few times now.


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