Bad Books – II (Regular and Deluxe Versions)

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Vinyl
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II is as you guessed it, the second album from Bad Books. There are a few variants and version of this record. There is a deluxe version and a regular version. The regular version is housed in a gatefold jacket with the standard album artwork. It also comes with an insert as well, which is unusual for records coming in gatefold jackets lately. Usually it’s either a gatefold jacket or an insert, not both. The regular version was pressed on two colors, red and clear. Red is a tour exclusive and limited to 300 copies. Copies could only be pre-ordered when purchasing tickets for the band’s current (as of writing this) tour. I’m pretty sure the red copies all sold out through the pre-order/ticket phase. These red tour copies also came signed (the jacket) by the band, which some people either didn’t realize or forgot as they are surprised by it. Since tickets went on sale well ahead of the record’s release date, those who opted to pre-ordered the record had to pick up their copies of the record at their respective show. So far i have not heard of any issues with this process, but the tour is only a few days old. Hopefully no major issues arise.

There are also clear copies of the regular version of the record, which is widely available through all other outlets carrying the album on vinyl. While I got 2/3 of the pressing info by emailing Triple Crown for it, they pretty much refuse to tell me how many copies were pressed on clear.

The deluxe version of the album comes in different packaging than the regular version. It comes in an embossed hard cover jacket with alternate artwork. Also included with the deluxe version is a 24-page booklet. The deluxe version is limited to 1,000 copies and comes with a black 180 gram vinyl LP. Although the regular version has already been released and fortunately was not delayed at all, the deluxe version does not have a release date till October 30. Once my copy comes in I will add photos of everything included with it to this post. The deluxe version also did not get put up for pre-order till well after other distros put the regular version up for pre-order.  Why Triple Crown waited so long to put up pre-orders is a bit puzzling, but not a bad thing. These other distros I mention are also selling it for cheaper than Triple Crown and have cheaper shipping options.


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