The Killers – Battle Born (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Vinyl

There was some speculation about The Killers latest album when it came down to variants. The band’s official pre-order for Battle Born advertised it as “limited edition red vinyl,” which led some people to believe the 180 gram red copies to be exclusive to The Killers’ webstore or that red copies would be insanely limited. Mentions of a 20-page booklet and poster also got people’s wheels turning wondering if those items would be exclusive to the band’s pre-order.  That use of “limited edition” was a marketing gimmick and it clearly had its desired effect on some potential consumers and fans as many people bought copies after reading it. It turned out all copies, no matter where purchased in the U.S. for this first pressing (should there be multiple pressings done), are on 180 gram solid red vinyl and come with the 20-page booklet and poster.  Some places also have the record listed as a single LP and some as a double LP. Since the album won’t fit on a single LP all those places labeling it as a single LP are wrong, including The Killer’s official store. There is also a UK pressing, with the only difference being that the records are pressed on translucent red instead of solid red. Pressing info for both pressings was never announced and most likely will never be announced.

The price point for this record is also very skewed. Some places have it for $35 with others have it for less than half that at $16. Interpunk is the cheapest place that is selling this right now, and for those still concerned about what they will get I ordered from them and received a double LP on 180 gram red vinyl with the poster and 20-page booklet. So if the high price is holding you back from buying this do some shopping around to find a place selling this for a realistic price. As with all Killers records this will go OOP eventually and will fetch big bucks on ebay.

While the booklet and poster are such hot topics with this record, they’re nothing fancy. The booklet is the same size as a typical LP insert and is probably just a scaled up version of the booklet included with the CD version of Battle Born. There are no lyrics printed anywhere in it, it’s just credits, promo photos of the band and some bland artwork. The poster is double-sided, with the album artwork on one side and a promo shot of the band on the other. Is it on the large side, 24″x36″. Obviously it’s a fold out poster. The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket, with each LP sliding into glossy, full color dust sleeve that has the lyrics printed on one side. Unfortunately the record does not come with a download code.


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