Northstar – Is This Things Loaded?

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Vinyl

Northstar’s first album, Is This Thing Loaded? was pressed well after their second album, Pollyanna. It was pressed on three colors, with two being exclusive to certain retailers. There were 350 copies on half green/half white, which was exclusive to Triple Crown Records’ webstore hosted by Merchdirect. There were 600 copies on green, which was a Hot Topic exclusive. Lastly, there were 350 copies pressed on black vinyl, which were available through all other retailers. The record comes in a printed dust sleeve with the lyrics printed on one side and the liner notes on the other. The jacket also appears to be made of possibly brown chipboard, so instead of the white border around the cover art it is brown.

For those inclined to buy the rarest variant you could shop around to find the best price with this record. Not only does Merchdirect charge more for the record itself, their shipping price is also on the high side as well. They also seem to charge sales tax for completely random states when they ship out of New York. Not even sure how they legally get away with that. So depending on what state you live in you could save yourself about $5 by buying a copy on black from Interpunk.



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