Anberlin – Vital

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl

Anberlin’s latest album, Vital, is hard to find for a reasonable price. It costs at least $30 from the band’s official webstore hosted by Shopbenchmark. And that seems to be the only place to buy it online. however, some indie record stores are carrying the record, with some of those selling it online as they took the store online as well as having a physical location. The indie stores are selling it for cheaper for whatever reason. I got my copy from Twist & Shout in Denver for less than $20 shipped.

The record was only pressed as a double 10″, with the d-side being blank. There have been mumblings about a regular LP pressing, which was mentioned by the band, but so far nothing as surfaced. That LP pressing, which would be a second pressing, would indicate that 10″ version of the album may be limited. But pressing info was never released for the 10″ pressing and it has not gone OOP yet. One interesting thing about the 10″ pressing is that the cover has the title of the album embossed. It’s tough to see in the photos or even the naked eye because the test is made to blend into the artwork, but when the hold the jacket you can felt the embossed letter.


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