Larry And His Flask – Hobo’s Lament

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl

Hobo’s Lament is the latest release from Larry And His Flask. It was released by Paper + Plastick Records, and to no one’s surprise it was delayed. Though not as long as some of their other releases. The first pressing was done as a picture disc, and P+P has hinted that additional pressings will not be done as a picture disc. There also seems to be a discrepancy with the pressing info or a rep for the label made a typo, as the P+P’s store says there were 2,00 copies pressed, but someone with the label said there are 3,000 copies. It wouldn’t surprise me if P+P got in more copies and never said anything, as they initially said one color of their Nightmare Of You/Nightmares For A Week split was limited to 100 copies when pre-orders first went up, then as it started selling out they added 75 copies of that color to the pressing.

Regarding the music found on this EP, it’s a bunch of re-recorded songs. Of the six songs only one is actually a new song, “Big Ride.” the rest have been released on one of, if not two of the band’s early self released stuff. That’s a bit disappointing but the re-recorded versions are not terrible nor are they leaps and bounds better than the original.



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