Thrice – Anthology

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl

Anthology may be the last release by Thrice ever, hopefully it won’t be though. A four LP live album box set recorded during the band’s farewell tour, Anthology was limited to 3000 copies on white and black 180 gram vinyl. Each set is individually numbered on the back of the cloth lined box and comes with a 22 page full size booklet. Anthology is one of the nicest release of the year. All fours records and booklet slide into the box, as one end it opened. LPs 1 and 3 are on black vinyl and LPs 2 and 4 are on white vinyl. When laid out vertically the sleeves for each record form one image, a watercolor painting that fades from light to dark.

A new development as of March 2013 is that people who buy copies at this point (as of March 2013) are getting copies numbered higher than 3000. There are a few ways to look at it. You could write it off as overruns since the numbers only go as high as in the 3300’s, which would account for a 10% overrun of 300, a standard figure most plants use, a 10% over/under. You could assume there were 4000 copies pressed instead of 3000, a conclusion a few people on a message board immediately jumped to. I typically tend to put more weight in and believe the official numbers given by labels, but in this case I am torn because from personal experience the label has been doing some things I find shady. But until someone gets a number in the 3900’s I’m still more inclined to believe the official pressing info given by a label that in my opinion I feel has less than stellar reputation over assumptions made by people on a message board.


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