What’s Eating Gilbert – Cheap Shots 7″

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl
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Continuing with the pattern of releasing a few songs on a 7″, What’s Eating Gilbert released Cheap Shots on Bridge 9 Records in August 2012. What is funny about this is that Cheap Shots was announced after and had a later release date than another What’s Eating Gilbert 7″ that was being released by Paper + Plastick Records (P+P), but still managed to ship well ahead of the P+P 7″.

Cheap Shots was pressed on two colors, half tan/half black and solid tan. Pressing info has not been released due to an apparent new policy B9 has to not release pressing info until a pressing sells out. That policy seems to be arbitrarily enforced though as other records B9 released after Cheap Shots came out had the pressing info accompany the item in their store with the pre-order, and most records prior to Cheap Shots had the pressing info announced when pre-orders went live as well. A few months after the record’s release and pressing info has still yet to be announced for this 7″. As of January 2013 the pressing info was finally announced, which is 300 copies on half tan/half black and 700 copies on solid tan.


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