What’s Eating Gilbert – The Nashville Session 7″

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl
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The Nashville Session 7″ was supposed to be released in mid June 2012, but since Paper + Plastick Records released the record it was inevitably delayed. Making no apologies and just making lame excuses or talking down to customers and fans, P+P didn’t ship out the records till over two months after the release date. It took so long that another Gilbert 7″ being released by a different label, Bridge 9, actually shipped before the P+P could even admit they screwed up and dropped the ball with this 7″. But to those familiar with P+P it’s par for the course.

But enough about P+P’s inefficiency as it detracts from a great guy in Chad Gilbert and the great music he puts outs. The songs on this 7″ rock so buy it now since the records should actually ship to you in a somewhat timely manner. There were 500 copies pressed, 250 copies on powder blue and 250 copies on red. The sleeves are also screen printed, which added a nice touch to the release that P+P never mentioned they were doing for it.What's Eating Gilbert - The Nashville Session - Copy


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