Midtown – Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Vinyl

In a mixed bag of emotions Midtown’s Living Well Is The Best Revenge was finally pressed on vinyl earlier this month, but it also marks the end of Midtown releases on vinyl unfortunately as the odds that Forger What You Know getting pressed are slim to none. The biggest hand in getting both Save The World, Lose The Girl and Living Well pressed also tried to get the ball rolling on getting Forget What You Know pressed, but since that album is owned by a different label (Sony) who is tougher to work with than the label the rights owners (MCA/Universal) for Midtown’s first two full lengths, their final album will likely never see the light of day on vinyl.  For whatever reason Sony refuses to press Forget What You Know, even if a single retailer will take the responsibility of selling the entire pressing.

Now that the rant is done with, here are the details of Living Well. There were 1500 copies pressed on translucent red with black swirl. Rather than going the black route, this color fits the cover best. The only thing aesthetically that bugs me are the center labels, as they are bright blue, which fits nothing artwork or layout wise with this album. Black center labels would have been a much better choice, as they are clearly inspired by the CD, which is not blue, but black. The gatefold artwork is taken from the CD booklet and is additional photos from the bar scene depicted on the cover art.


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