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First announced in early July 2012 with a October 31 (Halloween) release date, this split 7″ featuring Nightmare Of You and Nightmares For A Week did not actually come out to January 2013. So a Halloween themed record does not come out till after Thanksgiving, Christmas and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That would be shocking until you learn that Paper And Plastick Records (P+P) released this 7″.  Pre-orders for this didn’t even go up till the week before Halloween with a then targeted release date of mid December. However, the digital release of this split was released on Halloween, for whatever that matters. Each band contributes two new songs. Nightmare of You contributes “Box of Hops” and “It’s Not Enough Until It’s Killing Me.” Nightmares For A Weeks contributes “2011” and “Mr. Grimm.” The record does comes with an insert, which is a nice touch considering most 7″ records do not comes with one.

This split was pressed on two colors, glow in the dark vinyl limited to 175 copies and black and orange swirl limited to 325 copies. Although it was originally advertised on 100 copies on glow in the dark and 400 copies on swirl, the numbers were later revised to the above mentioned numbers. But upon release it was announced that there were 15 overrun copies of the glow in the dark, which brings the final total for that variant up to 190. Another thing about the way this release was handled, the glow in the dark copies sold out in a few days, probably quicker the P+P ever expected, then all of a sudden 75 copies of glow in the dark magically got tacked on to the pressing while 75 copies were removed from the swirl variant.  For whatever the reason may be, that doesn’t sit right me given the track record I know P+P to have from personal experiences.

The jacket is black with lighter black lettering, which makes it next to impossible to read. You have to hold it at the right angle to even vaguely make out the bands’ names on each side of the cover. I did my best to snap a photo of the Nightmare Of You side with the least amount of glare as possible. The Nightmares For A Week side would not come out in photos no matter how hard I tried, and I graduated up to a DSLR camera this year from the point and shoot I was using for every blog post 2012 prior. I did manage to get a nice shot of the 7′ glowing in the dark, I struggled to do with the other glow in the dark records I have.


Alkaline Trio – SunDials 7″

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Vinyl
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Alkaline Trio’s first ever release, the SunDials 7″ is the most expensive and hardest to find. Released by Johann’s Face in 1997 and limited to 500 copies all on black vinyl, this 7″ always sells for over $100, usually closer to $300. Just like with a lot of rarer records lately, the price has started to come down however. The last few copies sold for under $200, one even closer to $100 than $200.

The sleeve is printed on white paper and the outer poly sleeve has a clear sticker on it. The sticker has the title and band name printed on it. Alkaline Trio - SunDials - Copy

Jimmy Eat World – s/t 10″

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Vinyl

Released a few years after Static Prevails, Jimmy Eat World’s s/t 10″ is another harder to find but the price is coming down on record. I have seen prices as high as $40 and as low as $11, which was only a few weeks ago as of writing this. It was released by Fueled By Ramen in 1998 and was pressed on two colors; black and green. The 10″ EP comes with an insert tha has the lyrics printed on one side and the liner notes on the other. I have never seen pressing info for this 10″, but I am reaching out to people trying to see if anyone associated with this record knows.

Jimmy Eat World’s major label debut and the thorn in many collector’s sides (up until 2014), Static Prevails is one of the harder to track down Jimmy Eat World releases. Prices have started to come down on Static Prevails lately, for whatever reason. Clarity has always been more expensive than Static Prevails, but now the album Futures has far surpassed it as well. Bleed American used sell for higher as well, but the countless re-pressings of it lately have dragged down prices to beyond reasonable.

Most copies, if not all copies of Static Prevails come with a free bonus 7″, which features the songs “In The Same Room” on the a-side and “77 Satellites” on the b-side. This bonus 7″ is on black vinyl and comes with a stock, purple Capitol Records center label, just like the LP for Static Prevails does. The album has alternate cover art, which is a picture of beach grass with the ocean in the background. The album does not come with an insert, and was only pressed on black vinyl. I do not know the pressing info for Static Prevails or the bonus 7″, and since it was released by Capitol, a major label, the numbers will never be announced and trying to find out is a lost cause.

Static Prevails was finally re-pressed in 2014, almost 20 years after its initial pressing. The album was re-mastered for vinyl. There are several differences between the two pressings, most obvious of which is that it has the original album art instead of the alternate art used with the first pressing. The other major difference is that the second pressing is a double LP while the first pressing is a single LP. The rest of the differences stem from there, as the second pressing is housed in a gatefold jacket, while the first pressing is not. There is a distinct U.S. and Euro pressing as well, with the differences being where the records were pressed; either in the U.S. or in Europe, and the adding of ‘Universal Music Group International’ printed on the Euro copies.

The second pressing is also on colored vinyl, the first colored vinyl pressing of the album. It’s pressed on 180 gram lavender vinyl, and features the bonus tracks that are on the bonus 7″ that was included with some copies of the first pressing on the actual LP. A glossy insert is included with the second pressing, while the first pressing does not come with an insert. The second pressing was released by SRCvinyl and does not come shrink wrapped. It does however have a silver ‘SRC HiFi’ sticker affixed to the upper right corner of the protective poly sleeve the record comes in. Along with the colored vinyl copies, there is also rumored to be copies on 180 gram black vinyl. I suspect the black copies are just that, rumors, as I have not seen photos of it nor know of anyone who owns a copy.

The track listing for the first pressing is completely screwed up from how it should appear based on the studio album. The first pressing has album track “In The Same Room” appearing on the bonus 7″ intended for the bonus tracks, when it’s the 10th track on the studio that should appear as track 5 on the B-side of the record. The second pressing corrects this issue without the need for a bonus 7″ because the album was mastered properly, using the analog master, to stretch across to LP’s. So on the second pressing Static Prevails appears as intended, with the studio album appearing in order uninterrupted, with all the bonus tracks being tacked on to the end of the record on the C-side. the D-side of the second pressing blank and has no etching.

Pressing info for the second pressing has not been released, and likely never will. It’s a marketing ploy on $RC’s part to not release pressing info for their releases that have thousands pressed, which Static Prevails likely does. When asked for the pressing info $RC either changes the subject or completely ignores the question, so there is no point in ever asking them. I suspect there are at least 3,000 copies of the second pressing, based on the fact it has not sold out after almost a year of being available.


Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue 7″

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Vinyl

Yellowcard released another 7″ for their second single off Ocean Avnue, the title track of said album. This was pressed on light blue vinyl and comes housed in the same thin and flimsy paper sleeve as the 7″ for “Way Away.” The b-side is “Firewater.” This 7″ is harder to track down than the “Way Away” 7″ however, but still sells for about the same price on sites like ebay and discogs. Once again, i do not know the pressing info for this single.Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue - Copy

Yellowcard – Way Away 7″

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Vinyl

Yellowcard’s first vinyl release was for the first single off of the album Ocean Avenue, “Way Away.” It was a UK release and was pressed on yellow vinyl. The b-side is “Hey Mike.” It comes housed in the thinest and as a result flimsiest paper sleeves I have ever seen. It’s thinner than sheet of printer paper. With that knowledge it’s amazing the copy I bought does not have any seam splits, and it would not surprise me if plenty of copies of this 7″ have seam splits.

I do not know how many copies were pressed, but this 7″ is long out of print and typically sells for around $10 the rare times it pops up on ebay.Yellowcard - Way Away - Copy