Nightmare Of You/Nightmares For A Week – Nightmares Split 7″

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Vinyl
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First announced in early July 2012 with a October 31 (Halloween) release date, this split 7″ featuring Nightmare Of You and Nightmares For A Week did not actually come out to January 2013. So a Halloween themed record does not come out till after Thanksgiving, Christmas and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That would be shocking until you learn that Paper And Plastick Records (P+P) released this 7″.  Pre-orders for this didn’t even go up till the week before Halloween with a then targeted release date of mid December. However, the digital release of this split was released on Halloween, for whatever that matters. Each band contributes two new songs. Nightmare of You contributes “Box of Hops” and “It’s Not Enough Until It’s Killing Me.” Nightmares For A Weeks contributes “2011” and “Mr. Grimm.” The record does comes with an insert, which is a nice touch considering most 7″ records do not comes with one.

This split was pressed on two colors, glow in the dark vinyl limited to 175 copies and black and orange swirl limited to 325 copies. Although it was originally advertised on 100 copies on glow in the dark and 400 copies on swirl, the numbers were later revised to the above mentioned numbers. But upon release it was announced that there were 15 overrun copies of the glow in the dark, which brings the final total for that variant up to 190. Another thing about the way this release was handled, the glow in the dark copies sold out in a few days, probably quicker the P+P ever expected, then all of a sudden 75 copies of glow in the dark magically got tacked on to the pressing while 75 copies were removed from the swirl variant.  For whatever the reason may be, that doesn’t sit right me given the track record I know P+P to have from personal experiences.

The jacket is black with lighter black lettering, which makes it next to impossible to read. You have to hold it at the right angle to even vaguely make out the bands’ names on each side of the cover. I did my best to snap a photo of the Nightmare Of You side with the least amount of glare as possible. The Nightmares For A Week side would not come out in photos no matter how hard I tried, and I graduated up to a DSLR camera this year from the point and shoot I was using for every blog post 2012 prior. I did manage to get a nice shot of the 7′ glowing in the dark, I struggled to do with the other glow in the dark records I have.


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