Steel Train – 7″ Of The Month Club

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Vinyl

I’ll admit I’m hesitant to buy subscriptions or record of the month clubs based solely on the fact that a lot can go wrong with no recourse. Which is based from knowledge of other’s past experiences as well as my own where shady labels and/or distros never send everything they’re supposed to or a label flat-out steals money. I’m even weary of pre-ordering things now based on these horror stories. As a result I was not able to get the records from Steel Train’s 7″ Of The Month Club until recently, a few years after they were released and the club wrapped up. I played the odds and lost, expecting the band to have overrun or leftover copies they would put up for sale at some point in the future. To further my bad luck, a complete set never popped up for sale or trade anywhere. Sure some one of the four 7″s went up on ebay from time to time, but bidding on one record out of a set is counterintuitive.

Down to the nitty-gritty of the club; back in late 2010 Steel Train launched their 7″ Of The Month Club. Consisting of four 7″ records featuring exclusive, unreleased tracks. Subscriptions were only open for a month and a half (11/16/2010-12/31/2010), with special extras for the first 50 and 100 subscribers. The first 50 got a patch hand-made by the band, signed Polaroid of said patch being made and a copy of the Steel Train Is Here CD EP limited to 1,000 copies. The Steel Train Is Here EP was only available at live show prior to this club. Apparently people never received those early bird incentives however. At the time the club launched release dates were never announced, but the first record started shipping in March 2011 with the final record arriving in June 2011. The four covers of the records combine to form one large photo and one painting by Alia Shawkat, who played/plays Maebey Fünke on the short-lived but now reincarnated tv show Arrested Development.

The set was limited to 250 copies, and I don’t know if the band actually had 250 subscribers. Since subscriptions were closed after a set amount of time and did not sell out during that period we’ll never know. The band never responded to any of my emails over the years and since they are broken up now I doubt I’ll ever get a response at this point. The first 7″ is on baby blue/sky blue vinyl and features the songs “Shapesifter” and “Call It Off,” a Tegan & Sara cover. The second 7″ is on yellow vinyl and features the songs “You Are Dangerous (RAC remix)” and “Better Love.” the third 7″ is on pink vinyl and features the songs “Terrible Thrills” and “Sadie,” a Joanna Newsome cover. The fourth 7″ is on orange vinyl and features the songs “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” a cover of the opening song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and “Angelica.” When received, the records went clockwise to form the combined larger photo on the cover of the jackets. So #1 starts in the top right and #4 finishes it in the top left.

Please do not leave comments asking if I will rip the songs from these records and send them to you, as I will not oblige such requests.



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