Manchester Orchestra/Thrice – Split 12″

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Vinyl
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A fabled record that was much talked about since 2011 but didn’t get legitimately released until January 2013, the Manchester Orchestra and Thrice split 12″ is one of the fastest selling records I’ve ever ordered. Originally supposed to be sold on the Manchester Orchestra and Thrice co-headlining tour in 2010, the records were not done in time, and once they were done Thrice abruptly dropped off the tour for personal reasons. However some copies were sold on that tour even though they weren’t supposed to be, about 100 copies according to Manchester Orchestra.

Fast forward three years and here we are. Manchester Orchestra started sending out pics of the cover of this split on Twitter and Facebook hinting that it would go up for sale soon. Eventually Andy Hull gave a specific date and time they would be put up for sale on the band’s webstore. Like most people wanting the split, I sat by my computer waiting for 3 pm EST. The records were put up a little early, and I refreshed at the perfect time and snagged a copy with zero lag, glitches, errors or any problem for tha matter. Most people, myself included, expecting a disaster as Manchester Orchestra’s store is hosted by Big Cartel, one of the worst web store hosts out there as anyone can add the entire stock of an item to their cart and hold it hostage for as long as they want (I know Big Cartel says items are held in their cart for only 10 minutes, but I know from personal experience that is not the case at all). Combine that with the vast amount of people who wanted a copy of the split, and you have utter maelstrom.

While I checked out with ease, probably hundreds of people missed out and began voicing the displeasure, frustrations and anger on Manchester Orchestra’s Facebook page and message boards. What they thought that would accomplish is beyond me. This split was also an obvious target for flippers, and Manchester Orchestra tried to limit how deep they could sink their claws in by placing a limit of one per person. Some flippers immediately put their copies up on ebay, well before shipping notifications even went out let alone the records were in their hands. The band was not at all happy about this and sought out to find said people and cancel their orders. How much progress was made on that front will never be known, but at least the band wanted and tried to do something about rather than not caring.

There were 500 copies pressed on clear vinyl, with all copies being hand numbered on the back of the jacket. The jackets are also silk screened. Both songs on the split are cover songs, one being a 14 minute version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” by Manchester Orchestra that also features O’Brother. The length of Manchester Orchestra’s contribution forced this split being done as a 12″ instead of a 7″. Thrice contributes of cover of the Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).”

After people lucky enough to get a copy of the split started getting it in the mail, some people claimed to have inserts. Some people tried to draw a correlation between the number of the record and whether or not it had an insert, but the people who claimed to have an insert had numbered records all over the place. It didn’t help much that the people claiming to have inserts on a message board were not active members of said message board.  I was already skeptical about the existence of the insert, and since my copy did not come with one I emailed the band and got a response back almost immediately. According to the band there are about 10-20 legitimate copies with an insert and the only ones with inserts were a select few that made their way out around the record’s initial pressing back in 2010. The ones that were not supposed to be sold. They also made mention that the pictures of the insert circulating around were taken from an article in Alternative Press. I take the word of the band over what people post on a message board, especially ones who could very easily and very likely be trolls with photoshop skills.


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