Fake Problems/You Blew It! – Florida Doesn’t Suck Split 7″

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Vinyl
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The Fake Problems/You Blew It! split 7″ released by Topshelf Records sold way faster than I ever expected it to. As of late I’ve been holding off on pre-ordering records for a number of reasons, but mainly because there is no need to with many of them. Some bands have exceptions, but I never thought this split would be one of those exceptions. Pressed on three colors; coke bottle green limited to 200 copies, pink limited to 300 copies and coke bottle green with pink splatter limited to 500 copies, the coke bottle green copies sold out in a matter of hours. Topshelf also offered a 3-pack bundle for all the colors, which sold out in even less time. Though I’m not sure how many bundles were available. I originally planned on holding off on ordering this split as long as I could, but after seeing how quickly the /200 copies moved I felt I had to pull the trigger.

Dubbed “Florida Doesn’t Suck,” the split features two bands from, you guessed it, Florida. Each band contribute two songs; Fake Problems contributes “Small Devil Song” and Gone Before Dawn” and You Blew It! contributes “Batavia, NY” and “I’m A Kid, That’s My Job.” Download codes are not included with the 7″, but if you order directly from Topshelf you are sent a download via email. The 7″ comes with a fold out insert, which is a nice touch as most do not even come with an insert of any kind let alone a full color fold out one.

As far as pre-orders go Topshelf timed this one pretty well. Pre-orders went live only a few weeks before the release date and the records shipped out pretty much on time.

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