Peace’d Out – s/t 10″

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Vinyl
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Peace’d Out is a side project of sorts featuring Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche & The Movielife) on vocals Steve Choi (RX Bandits) on guitar, Roger Camero (No Motiv) on bass and Casey Deitz (The Velvet Teen) on drums. The sound of the band is much, much harder than the type of music most people associate with these guys.  Many would call Peace’d Out a hardcore band, but I usually don’t slap labels on bands.

The band’s first release is this self-titled EP, which came out in late 2012. It’s only being sold on vinyl and digitally, however a CD version of the EP does come with the black variant of the 10″ and only the black version. The EP was pressed on four colors, with most being exclusive to certain retailers or only obtainable by chance after buying a certain color. There were 200 copies pressed on pink, which was exclusive to the band/label (Sound The Siren) webstore. The pink copies were being sold for $3 more than the other color, black, being sold in their store. Pink copies cost $15 while black copies cost only $12. Pink copies are completely sold out and is the other color to sell out as of writing this. There were 500 copies pressed on blue, which is a Hot Topic exclusive. There were 1000 copies pressed on black, which are widely available and is the color every place is selling other than Hot Topic. Lastly there are 100 copies pressed on oxblood red, which are randomly inserted in place of black copies. I’m not 100% sure if the only way to get a chance to get an oxblood red was by ordering from the band/label webstore. One unique thing about this record is the a-side is etched, so the entire EP is pressed onto the b-side.


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