Say Anything – In Defense Of The Genre

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Vinyl

Long overdue, Say Anything’s In Defense Of The Genre was finally pressed on vinyl and released in early 2013. However, one of my worst fears is starting to come true as Shit Radio Cast is starting to consistently release records that I want to buy. Fortunately there are alternatives for me so I do not have to buy directly from SRC. Other, legit distros are starting to carry SRCvinyl (one of the worst and laziest “label” names ever) releases and SRC is starting to offer exclusive variants to some places as well. Though those exclusive variants have mainly gone to Hot Topic, a recent addition to my do not buy from list after the stunts they pulled by removing all the records from their website during a sales promotion and excluding certain records from discounts.

I will admit that the few SRC releases I have bought are great. They sound great and they seem to not spare any expense with the packaging. But that results in ridiculous prices with most of their releases. This Say Anything record costs $30, granted it’s a double LP, but that price is absurd. Fortunately one of the other distros I mentioned above that is carrying SRC releases routinely holds sales and always has free shipping for orders totaling $30 or more. But it’s not all gravy with this release, it’s still SRC after all.

SRC pulled another switcheroo with the pressing numbers, two this go around actually. Initially there were 3 colors announced, 180 gram black limited to 500 copies, purple limited to 500 copies and gold limited to 1500 copies. The gold copies were supposed to be a Hot Topic exclusive, but right before the records started shipping SRC announced they switched colors with Hot Topic. As a result Hot Topic would be selling the purple copies, now limited to 1500, and SRC would be selling the gold, now limited to 500. It did not stop there, as the final pressing numbers jumped up a bit. Black 180 gram is now /525 and gold is now /550. I know there are overruns with every pressing, but it seems those numbers are always exaggerated with SRC releases. At this point I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

The packaging for this release is, I hate to say it, top-notch. The artwork is not just enlarged to apply to an LP jacket, it’s scaled appropriately. The gatefold jacket the records come in features a glossy finish, and also included is a fold out insert that has the lyrics printed on it. For whatever it’s worth, a parental advisory stickers comes on the shrink-wrap and is not printed on the jacket itself. One more thing to note is that even though only one variant is supposed to be 180 gram, the gold copy I have is pretty heavy. It’s not flimsy at all and is likely heavier than the standard 120-140 gram weight used with most records.


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