Hidden In Plain View – Life In Dreaming (w/ flexi)

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Vinyl

Let me start off by saying this release was handled perfectly, every aspect. Company Ink Records did a tremendous job all around with Hidden In Plain View’s Life In Dreaming. No pre-order as the record was made available for purchase when they were in hand and ready to ship, great customer service throughout the entire process both leading up to the release and afterwards, quick shipping of hundreds of orders, proper packaging of said orders, having the band on board with the release every step of the way, dealing with critics in a professional manner; I could probably keep going but I’ll stop there.

After receiving the record what I read about the finer details of the release do not do it justice. It’s early in 2013, but this record is contender for release of the year. The attention to detail is amazing. Nothing was overlooked and Company Ink went above and beyond with this record. Not only is there a printed dust sleeve, there is also an insert included as well. A very nice touch considering most records only come with one or the other; sometimes even none of the above.  The jacket is heavy-duty, and in the craze of jamming everything, even single LP’s in gatefold jackets, a standard jacket for this record fits the cover art perfectly.

The jacket is an “old style tip on” made to replicate classic jackets from back in the day. This type of jacket is made of two printed paper wraps laminated on heavy 24pt. chipboard. The printed dust sleeve mentioned above has the lyrics printed on one side plus new, original art on the other side. The insert has additional liner notes, which are retrospectives from each of the five band members.

Life In Dreaming was pressed on two different colors, 180 gram grey marble stone limited to 100 copies and bronze rose limited to 500 copies. An added bonus for the first 250 orders regardless of color purchased was a blue flexi-disc of the original version of the song “Twenty Below” released in 2003.

Harkening back to how well this release was handled, Company Ink did their best to limit the reach of flippers. Instead of setting an exact time when the record would be put up for order, a time-frame was announced, which was a 5 hour window. The record launched without any hiccups, big or small, even though there were countless people highly anticipating it. When all was said and done the 180 gram copies sold out in what seemed like a blink of an eye. As of writing this, less than two weeks after the record went up for order, less than 100 copies of the entire pressing remain.


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