Senses Fail – Renacer

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Vinyl

With this latest album the transformation into a full fledge hardcore band is complete for Senses Fail. Renacer is the hardest sounding album Senses Fail has released to date, a progression I felt was coming but one I wished they steered clear from. After several listens I still don’t know what to make of the album, but so far my opinion hasn’t been swayed from thinking it’s the band’s worst. Maybe it’s just that my tastes have changed as I’ve become older or maybe I just think this album is a poor attempt at fitting into the hardcore genre. I love the Bayonet EP and I feel that if Buddy wanted to be in a hardcore band so badly he should have channeled all that aggression into Bayonet rather than turning Senses Fail into a worse version of Bayonet.

All my opinions aside, I’m sure people reading this want to know some of the finer points of the vinyl pressing of Renacer. There are two confirmed variants for this record, but the total amount of copies pressed is still up in the air until something confirms it one way or the other. Initially there were only two variants announced; one that was only sold online in the band’s web store hosted by Kings Road Merch, which was purple limited to 500 copies, and there was supposed to be a tour exclusive variant on orange/green limited to 500 copies as well.  Simple math says that would make a total of 1,000 copies. What raised some questions about the total amount of copies pressed happened after the purple copies sold out, which happened in a little over two weeks.

In early March, March 1 to be exact, a new color was added to the band’s web store, which was called orange/yellow swirl but which the band simply called orange in their social media posts. This color was limited to 500 copies. There was some speculation that this could be the tour exclusive variant or it could be an entirely new variant added to the pressing. The band and their label remained quiet about it without making an official announcement clearing everything up. As a result of this confusion still lingers.

Adding to the confusion is the band selling copies of the record on tour with them, and at this point not a single person can provide pics of the record being sold at shows to confirm if it’s a different color or not. No one can even simply say if it’s different than orange / orange/yellow swirl that was sold online. So there could either be 1000 total copies pressed spread evenly across two different colors or 1500 total copies pressed spread evenly across three different colors. Once either gets confirmed with an official announcement or with pics showing an obvious difference between the two variants with orange I will update this entry. UPDATE: As of mid April it appears that the copies being sold on tour are the same color as the orange / orange/yellow copies the band put up online. After seeing pics of ones people bought online and ones people bought at shows, they are practically identical. So I think it’s safe to say there are only 1,000 total copies pressed and not 1500, and only the purple and orange copies exist (500 on each color). At least thus far.

The purple copies and the orange / orange/yellow swirl copies are all individually numbered in gold foil on the back of the jacket.  Both variants sold online come with a sticker on the cover stating the color. One important note is that apparently some, maybe all copies of the orange / orange/yellow swirl have a sticker that says “green/yellow.” The copies sold online also come with a huge fold out double-sided insert, which has the lyrics and liner notes printed on one side and a poster of the album art on the other side. A download card is also included, but don’t use it as it only leads you to terrible quality MP3’s at 160 kbps. If you use the download link sent via email you get access to high quality 320 kbps MP3’s. The pressing (purple and orange / orange/yellow swirl) is completely sold out online so they only place outside of ebay to pick this up is at one of the band’s shows.


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