Look Mexico – So Crucialtine

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Vinyl

Look Mexico used Kickstarter to fund a pressing of their first two EP’s pressed onto a single 12” record, “So Byzantine” and “The Crucial EP.” Each EP is on its own side, with “So Byzantine” on the a-side and “The Crucial EP’ on the b-side. the records was released on the band’s own label, Holy Hell Records. As is typical with Kickstarter projects there was a wide array of rewards at varying prices for backers, ranging from $1 all the way up to $750. Pledging $20 on up got you a copy of the record, plus some other stuff depending on the dollar amount. Apparently there was supposed to a Kickstarter exclusive color, but that was not the case as people who backed the project all received random colors. A good while after the Kickstarter was over and after the records were finished being pressed the band put up an undetermined amount of copies for sale in their own web store.

The pressing info is not known, and I have been fairly consistent with trying to find it out by contacting the band through all methods at my disposal. It’s not known how many colors this was pressed on, how many copies per color or how many total copies were pressed. So far there are eight colors known about, all of which have some black marbling/swirling in them. Some are transparent while some are opaque. I have seen pictures of seven of those eight colors, with the remaining one color being mentioned by a reputable source.

The colors are opaque green (which I have and is pictured below), opaque red/maroon, opaque orange/rust, transparent yellow/orange/gold, opaque yellow/green, transparent turquoise/light blue/aqua, opaque grey, and cream. The reason for mentioning multiple shades with those colors are they look different when held up to the light and everyone’s idea of certain colors/shades is different. There is also the possibility there are fewer colors as some of the pictures I have seen have the records held up to the light while others don’t. One thing for certain though is that there was more than 100 copies pressed, as there was amazingly exactly 100 copies purchased through the Kickstarter campaign even though there were a few more pledge spots open where a record would have been received as a reward. And the band is still selling leftover copies in their web store.

While I’m pretty sure every copy bought through the Kickstarter was signed on the back of the jacket and most copies bought afterwards through the band’s store were not signed, a small amount bought outside the Kickstarter were signed by the band. My copy was not signed.Look Mexico - So Crucialtine - Copy


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