HRVRD – From The Bird’s Cage (1st Press)

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Vinyl
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HRVRD’s second full length was a joint release of sorts with Equal Vision Records and Enjoy The Ride Records. While the band is officially on Equal Vision’s roster, Enjoy The Ride did a lot of work with the vinyl pressing of From The Bird’s Cage.

There were four variants for the first pressing with several of them being exclusive to certain places or packages. There are 100 copies on solid grey, which was an Equal Vision exclusive and is now sold out. There were 225 copies on clear with white splatter, which was an Enjoy The Ride exclusive and is now sold out. There are 275 copies on clear blue, which was a Hot Topic exclusive. There are 100 copies on black, which is only available in a bundle deal with the second pressing of Harvard/HRVRD’s first album The Inveitable And I, along with other HRVRD items like their DVD and early pressings of CD versions of some of their releases. There were also 75 copies on “coin flip” which was random colors swirled together with each side of the record being a color mixture. Copies of the “coin flip” were randomly inserted into orders. No two copies of coin flips look the same, they are all unique. While most of the first pressing is sold out, there are still a tiny amount of copies of the black variant left in the bundle deal along with some copies of the Hot Topic exclusive.

A short time after the bulk of the first pressing sold out, Enjoy The Ride announced they were adding about 250 copies to the pressing to make an even 1,000 copies in total pressed. The label called it pressing “1.5,” but whether or not these were pressed at the same time as the true first pressing and Enjoy The Ride just sat on them for whatever reason or if they were pressed after the initial batch, which would make it a second pressing, is unknown. These “1.5 pressing” copies are on baby blue marble.

The record is housed in a gatefold jacket and no download code is included. However, I heard that if you ordered from Equal Vision you could have emailed them with your order number they would have sent you MP3’s of the album. No insert is included, but the record comes in a full color printed dust sleeve.


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