Brett Detar – Bird In The Tangle

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl
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Solo project of The Juliana Theory frontman Brett Betar, Bird In The Tangle is best classified as a folk album in my mind, not straight up country. When the record was first released it was on the pricey side, $25 for a single LP before shipping. The price put me on the fence about picking it up, but eventually the price was dropped to $20 shipped for a brief bit, and a series of absurd events transpired that resulted in me getting the record for free.

There were 500 copies pressed, all on 180 gram black vinyl. The record comes with a screen printed oil board slip cover and is housed in a gatefold jacket that has gold foil stamping on the cover. The slip sleeve is autographed by Detar, which he personalizes as well. Each copy is hand numbered on the slip cover. Also included is an insert on thick card stock. Overall one of the nicest packages released in the last several years, a lot of attention to detail was put in and quality was not spared for the sake of cost cutting.


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