Manchester Orchestra/Grouplove/Frightened Rabbits – Split 12″

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl
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Manchester Orchestra released another highly sought after split, this time am untraditional three-way split with Manchester Orchestra collaborating with two different bands. On one side Manchester Orchestra collaborates with Grouplove and on the other side they collaborate with Frightened Rabbits. Each side of the split gets its own cover art.

When it was initially announced it was implied that there were be two entirely separate jackets with its own cover artwork. That is not the case as one side of the jacket features cover art for the Grouplove collaboration and the other side of the jacket features cover art for the Frightened Rabbits collaboration. There is only one jacket out there. There were 2300 copies pressed as per the official RSD release list, not 2500 as per posted online in various blogs, one of which thinks it’s the definitive RSD source even though he just compiles email sell sheet solicitations sent to record stores by distributors (which anyone can sign up for) into one long list by copying and pasting.


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