South Park – San Diego b/w Gay Fish 7″

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl

One of the oddest release for Record Store Day is a South Park 7″, which features two songs from the show. South Park has had numerous classic songs throughout the show’s run, “San Diego” and “Gay Fish” are two from more recent seasons. There were 2,000 copies pressed as a picture disc. It comes in a picture disc sleeve and does not have a cover, despite an image of what appears to be a proper cover or jacket that circulated. Given it’s an animated TV show, a picture disc is the perfect choice for this release, even if it sacrifices sound quality.

But in a move from one of their classic episode, The Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it! There have been several Simpsons records released over the years, including 7″ picture discs. Hopefully if this South Park record is successful, which I think it already is as it’s one of the RSD releases in highest demand, it leads to the release of more South Park records. Maybe an LP compilation of all the songs from the show, maybe more 7″ singles, or maybe the soundtrack to the Bigger, Longer, Uncut movie.


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