Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll (1st Press)

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Vinyl

Fall Out Boy came back from hiatus/break up with one of the worst albums in recent memory let alone one of their worst albums. Despite what the title of the album states this record will never save rock and roll. I don’t think I heard one element of a band anywhere on the record, it was basically Patrick Stump’s terrible solo releases with the Fall Out Boy name slapped on it instead. All I heard was electronic nonsense, not one actual guitar note or drum hit anywhere. Even the cover “art” is terrible, one of the worst in history.

Even though I’m a completest and want to keep collections of bands I like complete by buying all their releases on vinyl, I probably would have no regrets over letting this record not hit my shelves. I wouldn’t even spend $1 on this. To be honest the only reason I even have it is because it was given to me for free on Record Store Day by the owner of my local record store since I was one of the first five people in line and got to choose one non RSD item under $20 for free.  To add some hilarity to the release of this atrocity, people actually debated whether or not this was pressed as a double 10″. They actually didn’t believe it when multiple people confirmed it was a 10″ instead of an LP. The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket with a matte finish and comes with an insert. The pressing info will likely never be announced since it’s on a major label, but so far all copies are on red vinyl, for the first pressing at least. In early 2017 this was re-pressed.

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