Saosin – s/t (1st Press)

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Vinyl

Saosin’s debut full length was released on vinyl by $hitradiocastvinyl. No, I’m not making that name up, that is the actual name $hit Radio Cast chose for their “label.” As much as I despise them they are doing a somewhat decent job with their releases, but they will never be on my good side. Thankfully there are alternatives to ordering directly from $RC as their releases are distributed.

If you are a variant collector prepare to jump through hoops to complete your collection as $RC makes it a pain in the ass and expensive to boot. Saosin was pressed on three colors; translucent purple limited to 500 copies, clear with black smoke limited to 1500 copies which is a Hot Topic exclusive, and white limited to 250 copies which is part of the $RC Subscription. The $RC subscription is as the title suggest, a subscription for all of their releases, but split up into two different packages based on genre and era. Another added “perk” of the $RC subscription exclusive color is that is comes with a hand numbered /250 “belly band” that is exclusive to the subscription variants. The “belly band” is what everyone in the universe except $RC calls an obi-strip. All copies come housed in a gatefold jacket with spot gloss on the cover (the beetle) and inside the gatefold artwork. Also included is a full color photo dust sleeve on top of the regular poly lined paper dust sleeve, which the record initially comes in.

Most viewed the $RC subscription as an overpriced, pathetic joke of an idea. I share that viewpoint but also add in it’s a lame attempt to peddle the most limited variants to kids who are suckers and a way to lock up sales for a portion of a pressing. I will add in the most important fact the subscription is a rip off, it is cheaper to buy all the release that are part of the $RC subscription individually outside of the subscription than it is to buy the subscription for them.


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