Broadway Calls – Comfort/Distraction

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Vinyl

Comfort/Distraction is Broadway Calls first release on No Sleep Records. If you like any of their other albums you will also enjoy this one. Personally I like their last album better, but this is a solid record start to finish. The album was pressed on four different colors with 1400 copies total. But in all likelihood there are at least 1500 total copies out there as 1400 is a very odd number plus the overrun should take it close to 1500 copies anyway.

There were 200 copies on coke bottle clear, which is the No Sleep Subscription exclusive color that comes with an exclusive obi-strip and b-side center label, 300 copies on yellow cream opaque, 400 copies on grey blue opaque, which was a Hot Topic exclusive and 500 copies on dark blue transparent. For whatever reason the Hot Topic exclusive color was not available for a few month after the album’s release, and there were not major delays with the rest of pressing to speak of. The dark blue transparent is very tough to tell the transparency of, even when holding it up to the light. It’s look black when laying flat on your turntable or anywhere for that matter, but trust me it is transparent. There is also some marbling in it as well. The record comes in a gatefold jacket with the lyircs printed in it. The jacket features a matte finish and the record also comes with a download code as well.


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