Broadway Calls/Mixtapes – Split 7″

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Vinyl
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This is the third split Broadway Calls is featured on, the other two being with The Riot Before and Teenage Bottlerocket. It was released by No Sleep Records ands as is typical with all No Sleep releases, there is a No Sleep Subscription exclusive color, which is coke bottle clear limited to 200 copies. In the past No Sleep has done alternate covers, different b-side center label or gave the record an obi-strip for the subscription exclusive, but I think they stopped doing the alternate covers doing that the last two years (2012 and 2013). All subscription exclusive still come with an obi-strip and different b-side center label though.

The entire pressing info for this split is 100 copies on tan-cream opaque, which was a Fest 2012 exclusive, 300 copies on walnut brown opaque, 300 copies on blue, which was a UK pressing sold exclusively through Banquet Records and 500 copies on iron red opaque. There is an interesting story with the Fest 2012 exclusive color as the jackets were not ready in time for Fest, so they were sold without them. People who bought the Fest exclusive were able to get a jacket for the record by contacting No Sleep once they were done. The whole thing was odd but not unheard of since most of the time the hold up with delays is waiting for the actual records to be finished, not the jackets. Another thing to note is that the UK pressing was announced way after this split initially went up for pre-order and was ultimately released, like months after.


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