Say Anything/Eisley – Split 7″

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Vinyl
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Originally this 7″ was supposed to be a Record Store Day 2013 exclusive, but the records were not ready in time for RSD so the release got pushed till a few weeks after RSD. It was rumored that the release got pushed because Equal Vision Records decided to make the 7″ a tour exclusive release that would be sold the Say Anything and Eisley tour over the summer in 2013, but that was not true. While the record will be sold on the bands’ tour, the release was never intended to be a tour exclusive and was not pushed from RSD because of that.

There were two colors, black limited to 1,000 copies and clear limited to 500 copies. The black copies were sold online and will be sold on the bands’ summer tour while the clear copies are “store exclusive.” By “store exclusive” I’m assuming indie record stores. I’m guessing the clear is the intended RSD exclusive, as that was supposed to be limited to 500 copies with no color mentioned. While the black copies have already started being sold at the time of writing this, the clear copies will apparently be released some time over the summer. Definitely a calculated move so more of the black copies can be sold because impatient people won’t want to wait for the more limited clear copies to pop up for sale at an undetermined and unannounced time. 500 of the black copies will be sold online with the remaining 500 copies on black being sold on tour.

The cover art was done by Sherri DuPree-Bemis. Say Anything contributes a re-recorded acoustic version of “Try To Remember, Forget” that was originally released on the band’s Menorah/Majora EP. Eisley contributes “Lost And Found (acoustic)” which has been performed live by the band for years but has never been officially released in any form until now.


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