Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True & Broken Wing (Deluxe Box Set)

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Vinyl
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There was a long delay with the deluxe box sets of Alkaline Trio’s latest album My Shame Is True and accompanying b-sides EP Broken Wing, which is why this entry is being posted over two months after the album’s release. The delays with the box sets seemed to be for a few different reasons, first being quality control. Apparently the screen printed box sets did not meet the standards Epitaph laid out, as the ink was not evenly applied. Epitaph/Kings Road Merch sent out a pic via email to illustrate the problems with the box sets. This was made apparent about one month before the album’s release date, which is much better than finding out why your order hasn’t shipped well after it was supposed to. The second delay was a customs issue, as apparently the wooden boxes were made outside the U.S., something no one was aware of. The deluxe box sets finally started shipping out in the final days of May.

The deluxe box sets came with a whole bunch of extra goodies on top of the album and EP on exclusive colored vinyl; a t-shirt, 46″x46″ flag featuring the band’s heartskull logo, a heartskull embroidered patch and an “Alkaline Trio spirit board game” aka a Ouija board with a solid wood heartskull game piece. The shirt and flag come sealed in plastic bags; the flag with a resealable flap bag and the shirt is vacuumed sealed in a bag. The deluxe box sets were limited to 500 copies/pieces and sold out in less than 24 hours. My Shame Is True came on dark green vinyl and the Broken Wing EP came on tan vinyl, both only available in the deluxe box set bundle and limited to 500 copies. The dark green vinyl actually come out a light green marble and the tan vinyl come out much darker than tan and could be considered straight up brown. My Shame Is True also comes with a CD copy of the album.

The wooden box sets are most likely made out of pine and are not stained. The covers/lids are screen printed in black ink and open from the top. The lid opens all the way and folds flat. It does not remain vertically open. If you can’t understand what I’m talking about the pics below will demonstrate what I mean by “opening all the way and folds flat.” The inside of the box is felt lined. The aforementioned  delay from quality control issues with the screen printing on the box sets seems to be fixed for the most part but is still evident on my copy. While not nearly as bad as the pic sent out via email by Kings Road Merch, my copy still has some ink issues, albeit minor ones. Another issue is that the records barely fit inside the wooden box.  They have to be forced slightly into the box, and if you are successful getting to fit inside there are next to impossible to get out. You have to turn the box upside down and bang on it a few times to get the record out. I was only able to get the album in the box and could not get the EP in the box as the jacket is slightly larger. It doesn’t matter if the box is empty or has all the extra goodies inside, the records still won’t fit without a struggle. I was told by Kings Road Merch the box was designed to have the records fit inside.

The full pressing info for My Shame Is True is as follows: 500 copies on dark green (only available in the deluxe box set bundles through Kings Road Merch), 1,000 copies on pink (only available online) and an unknown amount on black vinyl. The full pressing info for the Broken Wing EP is as follows: 500 copies on tan (only available in the deluxe box set bundles through Kings Road Merch) and 1500 copies on blue. I’m not sure if copies of the EP will be made available anywhere other than Epitaph’s web store hosted by Kings Road Merch, whether in brick and mortar stores or through other online distros. The EP is also the only limited pressing, as it appears it will not ke kept in print on black vinyl. however there are some error pressing of the Broken Wing EP, as an undetermined amount of copies were pressed on pink vinyl and sealed in pink copies of the My Shame Is True LP. I do not know how many copies of the Broken Wing EP are on pink vinyl as Epitaph and Kings Road Merch have not addressed it.

There were also some problems with pink copies of My Shame Is True, as people complained about a film residue on the record and various issues with sound quality and skipping. People said their copies had tons of background noise, with some calling it the noisiest record they own. Not everyone had these issues though. Kings Road Merch apparently sent out replacement copies to those who emailed them at not additional cost and without having to send back the claimed defective copies. i have not seen issues with the green copies of the album nor the tan copies of the EP, and have not heard complaints about anything other than the pink copies of the album.

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