I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business – Enola

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Vinyl
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I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business’ latest album, Enola was released by Rise Records. The same label The Early November is signed to, so it wouldn’t surprise me if anything Ace Enders releases is under contract by Rise too. The album has not even officially been released yet (as of writing this) and I can already tell Rise pressed way too many copies of this record. Enola was pressed on three different colors totaling 1500 copies. If The Early November haven’t sold through 500 copies of a single variant from their latest album in almost a year I highly doubt I Can Make A Mess will move 1500 copies. Rise also did their typical rarest variant only available in bundles that nobody wants full of stuff nobody needs. Rise will most likely break up the bundles once they realize nobody is buying them and they are sitting on hundreds of copies of unsold merch. The pressing info is 200 copies on dark blue, which so far is only available in bundles, 300 copies on white, which is only available through Rise’s web store and 1,000 copies on clear and pink starburst, which is available through all retailers. The pink is not an Amazon exclusive, despite the assumptions of a few people who think they know what they are talking about.

I chose not to order through Rise as it was much cheaper to order elsewhere. As expected I received the “clear and pink starburst” which is actually white instead of clear and is what most people call swirl rather than “starburst.” A CD copy of the album is also included with the record. The record comes with what is arguably the most pointless insert of all time, as it’s just two photos; one of a house on a tropical coast and one of a sea plane. The credits are printed at the very bottom of one said, but it mostly reads “Ace Enders” as if no one buying this didn’t know it is mostly his hand involved with this album. I would be better had the record not come with an insert at all as it would’ve cost less money, at least in he theoretical world. To my amazement this album did not leak either, an impressive feat in this day and age.


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