The Gaslight Anthem – Singles Collection 2008-2011

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Vinyl

One of the nicest releases of the year, and one of the nicest releases in my collections is this Gaslight Anthem box set comprised of all their Side One Dummy era singles, nine in total, officially titled Singles Collections 2008-2011. Each single features a true b-side, some of which have been released on vinyl on another record at some point prior to the release of this box set however. The exclusive, or at least first time on vinyl b-sides in this set are found on the Great Expectations, American Slang, Boxer, The Diamond Church Street Choir, Stay Lucky, The Spirit Of Jazz, B-sides singles. The artwork is also the same as some of the previously released singles, namely for Old White Lincoln, The ’59 Sound and Great Expectations singles. The artwork for The ’59 Sound single found in this box set is the same as the artwork used for the second pressing of the stand alone 7″ that was pressed on clear vinyl. Singles four through nine are brand new singles that have never been released before.  The track listing for the entire box set can be found at the end of this post.

The pressing info is as follows; 500 copies on blood red, which was only available directly through Side One Dummy’s web store and sold out through pre-orders, and 2,500 copies on black which is widely available. An important note is that the blood red copies cost $5 more than black copies in Side One’s store.

Included in the box set is a wooden box to store all the records and a 45 rpm adaptor exclusive to this box set. A download card for high quality 320 kbps MP3’s of the entire box set is also included. Side One did a great job with this release. The wooden box comes inside a cardboard box with a hype sticker on the front and the same title printed on the cover of the cardboard that is found on the wooden box. The wooden box is stained and lacquered and features an ornate metal clasp to keep it closed. Unlike the recent Akaline Trio wooden box set, the lid on this box set remains open when you open it and does not completely fold over to lay flat.

There is a big difference between the Gaslight singles that are included in this box set that were released prior to it.  Each record in the set is a large hole jukebox single and as such needs to be played with a 45 adaptor. All the Gaslight singles that are included in this box set and were released prior to it are a small hole 7″. The only downside of this release is that the jackets for all the records are extremely small and none of them come with dust sleeves, just the records stuffed into the jacket. Because the jackets are so small/tight (depending on how you look at it), if you put your own paper dust sleeve on each record the record will no longer fit inside its jacket.

#1 – The ’59 Sound
Side A: “The ’59 Sound”
Side B: “State Of Love And Trust” Live at Webster Hall

#2 – Old White Lincoln
Side A: “Old White Lincoln”
Side B: “The ’59 Sound” Acoustic on KEXP

#3 – Great Expectations
Side A: “Great Expectations”
Side B: “Great Expectations” Acoustic on KEXP

#4 – American Slang
Side A: “American Slang”
Side B: “American Slang” Acoustic

#5 – Boxer
Side A: “Boxer”
Side B: “Boxer” Acoustic

#6 – The Diamond Church Street Choir
Side A: “The Diamond Church Street Choir”
Side B: “Antonia Jane” Acoustic on KEXP

#7 – Stay Lucky
Side A: “Stay Lucky”
Side B: “Tumbling Dice”

#8 – The Spirit Of Jazz
Side A: “The Spirit Of Jazz”
Side B: “The Queen Of Lower Chelsea” Acoustic

#9 – B-Sides
Side A: “Once Upon A Time”
Side B: “She Loves You”


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