A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – You’re Always On My Mind (1st Press)

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Vinyl

You’re Always On My Mind is A Great Big Pile Of Leaves’ second full length album and first on Topshelf Records. It was the band’s first time working with a producer, something that could have easily helped or hurt the band. Thankfully it was a positive move as this is their best album to date, which is saying something.

There were three color variants for this record; clear with yellow and red splatter limited to 200 copies, oxblood limited to 300 copies and mint limited to 500 copies. The only color sold out is the clear with yellow and red splatter. While the oxblood is close to being sold out online the band is selling this variant on tour with them. The mint copies, while sold out from Topshelf, were likely given to distribution and could be bought at any retailer selling copies of the album on vinyl. The clear with yellow and splatter was meant to imitate a pizza, which is a theme for the album as it’s used in multiple areas of the artwork layout and is used for promotional items for the album. I can say that in person this variant looks as close to a pizza as you can get without going the copout route and making a pizza picture disc.

Instead of an insert Topshelf went with a printed dust sleeve. It’s one of the cooler printed dust sleeves I’ve seen. It’s die cut and very thick.


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