I Is Another – s/t [U.S. Pressing (2×7″) & German Pressing (LP)]

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Vinyl
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I Is Another is yet another project from Jonah Matranga. He has been one of the busiest people in the music world over the last 20 plus years, never really taking a break from releasing music spanning multiple groups and solo efforts ranging from harder to softer music.For this project he teamed up with Ian Love, best known as the guitarist from Rival Schools to create an album that tastefully blends the sound of all their past bands into one.

There are two different pressings for this album, a U.S. pressing released by Sound The Siren done as a double 7” and a German pressing released by Arctic Rodeo Recordings done as a single LP. So far I only have the German pressing, but I plan on picking up the U.S. pressing at some point. I’m hoping it gets distributed because I heard bad thing about ordering directly from Sound The Siren.

There were 500 copies pressed on black vinyl for the U.S. pressing, again done as a double 7”, which comes in a gatefold type jacket/sleeve. It’s not a traditional jacket because it doesn’t have enclosed on three sides, but it’s not quite a sleeve because it opens like a gatefold. Judge for yourself by the photos below. One nice touch with the U.S pressing is that is essentially has two different colors depending on which side of the jacket/sleeve you’re looking at. It has the traditional cover art, the tan/cream color cover on one side, and an alternate dark blue cover on the reverse side. The imagery is the same between the two covers, only the background changes color.

The German pressing was limited to 300 copies split across two different colors; 100 copies on blue and 200 copies on clear yellow/orange mixed. The German pressing comes with a thick full color insert and features three acoustic bonus tracks that are not included on the U.S. pressing of the album. The bonus tracks are all album tracks and include in order “Bittersweet,” “Queen Of Swords” and “Prayed For You.”

Jonah Matranga did a Kickstarter to fund this release, something he has done for the last few of his releases.  What I gathered from that Kickstarter based on the rewards being offered was that they planned to release one 7” per every two songs they recorded for the I Is Another project, and would as many records as it took to get the entire album out. This would be included in a box set that would be handmade and hand-numbered. This Kickstarter reward was met with 16 backers but after seeing pics of the finished product it was hand numbered out of 36. Also included with the box set was a t-shirt, the CD version of the album, a hand written note/lyrics, and a couple autographed photos. The vinyl and CD included in the set came autographed as well.  This “box set” version of the U.S. pressing was limited to 36 backers and cost $90 (including shipping and a t-shirt).

I debated going in for this Kickstarter reward but I tend to refrain from participating in crowd funding projects because a lot can go wrong between the time you throw your money at the project and when the release actually comes out. Something illustrated in the first and last Kickstarter type thing I decided to pull the trigger on, which will get its own blog post if and when I finally get what I was ultimately ripped off for. I’m glad I held off on the I Is Another Kickstarter though as after seeing the finished product I would’ve been severely disappointed and felt like I wasted my money. The “box set’ is a tiny, regular cardboard box that is hand painted one half orange and the other half light blue. The “a 7” for every two songs recorded” turned into the double 7” that later turned out to be the standard release through Sound The Siren. And I would have no need for the other stuff in the box set. I love Jonah and will always buy anything he releases on vinyl, but this “box set” was pathetic under any circumstance.



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