Reverend Crow – 7 Inches 7″ aka Swamp Stomp b/w Liar 7″

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Vinyl
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This 7” is Reverend Crow’s first physical release and features two songs; “Swamp Stomp” on the a-side and “Liar” on the b-side. Reverend Crow is a new band from former Finch front man Nate Barcalow. Their sound is similar to Say Hello To Sunshine era Finch. Even though SRC lists the title of this 7” as Swamp Stamp b/w Liar, the cover of the record simply says 7 Inches. Why SRC can’t get the titles correct on one of their own releases, or at least get the cover artwork to match up with the title you want to give it is beyond me. But at least they didn’t spell anything wrong or put down the wrong songs. This is also their first legit release, as everything else they put out so far is licensed from another label

There were 500 copies pressed on random colored vinyl. The only colors I’ve seen so far are red, which I have, and purple. For those saying there has to be a known amount of colors and how many copies there are on each color out of the 500 total copies, guess again. “Random colors” for vinyl pressings have been around for a long time and when you order that from the plant they don’t even know what you’ll be getting. The plant fills the order with whatever color pellets they have lying around, have a surplus of, nobody seems to order and they can’t move or are the cheapest. Sure, the label could have someone count  out by hand  how many copies per each color, but I’ve never seen it done.Reverend Crow - 7 Inches - Copy



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