Larry And His Flask – By The Lamp Light

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Vinyl

Larry And His Flask used a Kickstarter esque funding source called Fill The Flask for the recording and release of their latest album, By The Lamp Light. It was essentially the same as Kickstarter except the band hosted the fund-raiser themselves on their own website. The rewards ranged from patches, CD’s, t-shirts, the vinyl version of the album all the way up to the expensive rewards like a camping trip with the band and private house shows. The one reward that drew my attention was the vinyl package, which included the album on an exclusive color variant and a bonus 7″ from the recording session. There will be another post dedicated to the bonus 7″.

The album ultimately wound up being release by the band’s own label, Cascadian Record Company and Silver Sprocket Records, who the band has worked with in the past. The Fill The Flask exclusive color turned out to be an orange/red/yellow swirl and is limited to 250 copies. There is also a regular variant which is available everywhere else, which is on white vinyl and limited to 250 copies. The vinyl version of the album was ultimately delayed by over a month, with the release date at the end of June 25 and the records starting to ship August 5.

Everyone who contributed to the Fill The Flask campaign has their name mentioned in the liner note thank you’s, which is printed on one side of the insert that comes with the record. For helping to fill the flask, I also received two patches and a key chain along with my LP and 7″


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