Larry And His Flask – The Battle For Clear Sight 7″ (Fill The Flask 7″ – 1st Press)

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Vinyl

For Larry And His Flask’s latest album, By The Lamp Light, the band held their own Kickstarter type fund-raiser called Fill The Flask. There were several rewards to choose from and one was a vinyl package that included the album and a bonus 7″ from the recording session. Up until the point where the band had the records in their hands the songs that would be included on the 7″ were a mystery.

It turns out there are two tracks on the 7″, disappointingly both the same song. On the a-side is the album version of “The Battle For Clear Sight” and the b-side features an acoustic version of it. I was fully expecting two b-sides, not an album track and an acoustic version of that same album track. At this point the only place to get this 7″ was through the Fill The Flask campaign and hopefully it stays that way as it was supposed to be exclusive to people who pledged a decent chunk of change through Fill The Flask. But I have my doubts after seeing the track listing for this 7″

There were 220 copies pressed, all on red and white swirl vinyl. The record comes housed in an envelope style jacket. It’s similar to The Horrible Crowes – Elsie 7″ and Circa Survive – B-Sides 7″. It has a foldable flap in the back and is printed on card stock.

To my disappointment this 7″ was re-pressed by Silver Sprocket sometime well after the Fill The Flask campaign for the By The Lamplight album ended, around two years later. This perfectly illustrates why I rarely participate in crowd funding, because 99% of the time people who pre-order/buy stuff though crowd funding get screwed in some way shape or form at some point. This 7″ was only suppose to be available through the Fill The Flask campaign, not randomly re-pressed years later.

This re-press, the second overall, is limited (for now because I’m sure it will be re-pressed yet again) to 300 copies on black. The cover also appears to be different than the first press; the first press has brown/dark red ink and the second press has black ink. The second pressing has Silver Sprocket printed on the back for the label credit while the first pressing has Cascadian Record Co. (likely Larry And His Flask’s label) printed on the back. A black Larry And His Flask logo sticker is also included with the second pressing.

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