Acceptance – Black Lines To Battlefields

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Vinyl

Shortly after Phantoms was released Enjoy The Ride Records/Thunderbeard Records released their vinyl pressing of Black Lines To Battlefields. In fact, this release was announced almost immediately after Phantoms was announced, in the same thread on a message board. This is about as no frills of a release as Enjoy The Ride has put out. No gatefold jacket and no insert. But for the price, $12 before shipping, you can’t complain too much. All copies come with a download code though, for high quality 320 kbps MP3’s.

As usual there are several variants for this, and all of them are exclusive to certain retailers. There are 150 copies on red, which was an Interpunk exclusive, 200 copies on “jungle mix,” which is clear with random color pellets mixed in and was exclusive to Enjoy The Ride Records. This is the first time this type of color variant, the “jungle mix” has been attempted.There were also 250 copies on clear with white swirl that was a Thunderbeard Records exclusive and 350 copies on black which was a Hot Topic exclusive. There is also a secret/hiddden variant limited to 100 copies that was randomly given out in orders from all retailers. Each retailer got a percentage of the secret variant based on the amount of copies they were selling, so your best shot at getting one of the secret variants was from Hot Topic as they had the most copies of the pressing. This secret variant was pressed on clear with red and black splatter. Pictured below is the Interpunk variant.Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields - Copy


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