Hot Rod Circuit – The Underground Is A Dying Breed (w/ Bonus 7″)

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Vinyl
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After a long wait Hot Rod Circuit’s The Underground Is A Dying Breed was released on vinyl. A joint release between Enjoy The Ride Records and Thunderbeard Records, there were four variants for the record which was spread out across the 1,000 total copies pressed. There were 225 copies on orange with black smoke, which was an Enjoy The Ride exclusive, 225 copies on sky blue, which was a Thunderbeard exclusive, 400 copies on gray, which was a Hot Topic exclusive and lastly there was a secret variant limited to 100 copies that was a quad split consisting of orange with black smoke and a darker blue than the sky blue regular variant. The quad split is patterned after a radioactive shield, so going clockwise a ¼ of the record is orange with black smoke, the next ¼ is blue, the next ¼ is orange, the next ¼ is blue.

Enjoy The Ride has been doing these secret variants for their last few releases. They’re the most limited variant and are randomly given out in orders. This time around all outlets selling any of the variants were allotted a percentage of the secret variant pressing ( % out of the 100 copies) and they were shipped in orders in place of the regular variants ordered (orange with black smoke, sky blue or gray). All copies were sealed so odds are people packing up orders did not even know who or what orders were getting the secret variant.

All copies of the record also came packaged with a bonus 7” featuring the acoustic EP that was released a bit after the regular album came out back in 2007. Also include on this bonus 7” is a cover of the Hot Rod Circuit song “At Nature’s Mercy” performed by Max Bemis. The download code included with the record includes the full album and all the songs found on the bonus 7” as well. This release is the only place to get this Max Bemis cover, at least to my knowledge. This bonus 7” is pressed on cola brown and since it came with every copy of the record it’s limited to 1,000 copies. The 7” does not come with any jacket or sleeve, just a plain white paper dust sleeve. The 7” is housed inside the gatefold jacket for the LP. It slides into a pocket cut into one of the panels.


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