Blink-182 – Feelings This 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Vinyl

As is typical with many singles, this one received two different pressings, one for each respective side of the pond. This, the U.S. pressing, comes in a picture sleeve and is pressed as a traditional record on black vinyl. The UK version was pressed as a picture disc and comes housed in a picture disc sleeve. The UK picture disc is a single-sided disc and only features “Feeling This.” The artwork for the picture disc¬†for it is basically the same as the cover art found on the sleeve for the U.S. pressing.

The U.S. pressing was a promo. I did not acquire the record in the time frame of its original release, so I don’t know for sure the intended use of it as a promo item (i.e. given out to people who bought Blink’s s/t full length at certain purchase points, for pre-orders only, given out at random indie stores). Since the U.S. pressing is a traditional record, the b-side is the song “Violence,” which I believe is exclusive to this 7″. it may appear on one of the several iterations of the CD singles that were released in Europe or on some special edition of the s/t album.Blink-182 - Feeling This - Copy


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