Green Day – Dos (1st Press)

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Vinyl

Once again the only color variant for an album from Green Day’s trilogy was a Hot Topic exclusive. Dos was limited to 1500 copies on aqua blue vinyl. Again a full color insert in included with the lyrics on one side and promo shots of the band on the other. The lay out and color coordinated color scheme continues on the insert that is found with all two of the three records in the trilogy (Uno and Dos). Obviously only the colors and photos change from record to record, with the colors chosen matching the artwork.

One major thing about this record is that it’s an error pressing of sorts. The track listing is wrong as it was switched at the very last minute; swapping songs with Tre. One song that was originally on Dos was swapped with a song that was originally on Tre. The song “Drama Queen” was slated for Dos but was moved to Tre, and the song “Stray Heart” was on Tre but was moved to Dos. So “Drama Queen” was swapped with “Stray Heart.” That is where the error pressing started, as all three albums were pressed at about the same time (give or take a few days to transition or the plant might have even ran the albums simultaneously), a bit in advance of Uno’s release date.

The error pressing lies with “Drama Queen” as the track listing change was made too late in the game to switch the plates and/or master for the vinyl pressings. Instead of “Stray Heart” appearing on Dos, “Drama Queen” appears. “Stray Heart” is not listed on the track listing on the back of the jacket and does not appear on the record itself. This error pressing does not affect Tre, as “Drama Queen” appears on the track listing. At the time the error was found people speculated, and hoped that “Stray Heart” would appear on Tre so the song would at least appear on vinyl even if it’s on the wrong album, but the tracj listing change was made in time not to affect the vinyl pressing of Tre.

So as of writing this no copies of Dos, either the Hot Topic color vinyl pressing of the regular black variant that is widely available have “Stray Heart.” And as a result “Stray Heart” does not appear on vinyl anywhere.


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