Hellogoodbye/Lissie – Daytrotter Presents No. 6

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Vinyl
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This is part of a vinyl series that digital subscription service Daytrotter has been releasing over the last year or two. These are available free to subscribers (at least the latest Volume for new subscribers) and/or at a discounted rate (24% off which equates to $9). They are also available outside of buying a subscription but are insanely expensive ($35) before shipping. Shipping tacks on an additional $9.50 (the cheapest method) so you’re spending damn close to $50 on a single LP record, a split record that features only eight songs total, four from each artist. I was fortunate to score a copy of this Daytrotter split on ebay for 99 cents.

To date they have released 16 Volumes, this is number 6 in the series and is from November 22, 2012 (11/22/12 is the release date. Hellogoodybe’s Daytrotter Session that appears on the split was recorded/released 12/23/09). The 12” split also features Lissie. Each artist contributes 4 songs, with Hellogoodbye playing “When We First Met,” “The Thought That Gives Me The Creeps,” “Findind Something To Do” and “Oh, It’s Love” on the a-side. This split also has the distinction of featurinb the first female artist (Lissie) in the Daytrotter Vinyl Series.

An interesting note is that Daytrotter ships these in LP mailers with Daytrotter and United Pressing stickers on them. The guy I won this from on ebay was nice enough/dumb enough to mail it out to me in the original mailer. I say dumb enough because said mailer was in terrible condition, it was beat to shit.

Considering the price of this if you buy it from Daytrotter and the overall poor quality of this split I would not recommend buying this for the casual listener/collector. Unless you need a Volume to complete an already near complete collection or are a diehard fan of one of the artists you shouldn’t waste your money on this. The sound is not all that great and the jackets are very cheap. The jackets are very thin and flimsy, one of the worst in those regards in my collection. And even though they are pressed on 180 gram vinyl the sound is not great because of it. It’s not the worst sounding record I own or heard, but it’s nowhere near the top.Hellogoodbye - Daytrotter Presents No. 6 split w Lissie - Copy


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