New Found Glory – Connect The Dots 7″

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Vinyl

New Found Glory will release their first live album in late 2013, and released a 7” about a month ahead of the album’s release that featured three tracks taken off it. Of the three songs, one of them is a brand new song (title track) while the other two are live versions older NFG songs.

The 7” was pressed on three colors, which is odd for a Bridge 9 release (a 7”, not an LP). B9 tends to do only two colors for their 7”s. Another thing that breaks trends with this B9 7” is that all three variants are half and half splits, when usually they do one solid color and one half and half split. So the pressing info is as follows: 100 copies on half red/half clear, 300 copies on half red/half black and 600 copies on half red/half white. I was in the process of moving and unfortunately missed out on the two rarer colors for this 7”. But it goes hand in hand with the live LP, as I missed out on the rarest color of that record as well and scored the /600 variant.

The insert for this record is not a traditional insert, it’s a post card. A nice touch for this record. Instead of a physical download code/card included with the 7” B9 sent out download codes via email. But it was only for the new song, not the two live songs. So I’m assuming if you buy this 7” from anywhere other than B9 you’re SOL with a download of the new song. But in the end it doesn’t really matter because most people who bought this 7” will buy the full live album as well, where I’m assuming physical download codes will be included with all copies.

A new thing B9 did with pre-orders for this 7” is offering an exclusive early access pre-order for the NFG live album. Everyone who pre-ordered a copy of this 7” from B9 was given an access code to pre-order Kill It Live during a 1-2 hour window before it went live to the general public.


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