Streetlight Manifesto – Keasbey Nights As Performed By Streetlight Manifesto

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Vinyl

The last of Streetlight Manifesto’s “albums” to get pressed on vinyl was released a few weeks months ago. Keasbey Nights As Performed By Streetlight Manifesto is an odd album. You can’t classify it truly as a covers album because Streetlight is made up of a bunch of former Catch 22 members. Streetlight’s take on Keasbey Nights is definitely different than the original, but not by much. There are subtle differences though, enough to know the difference between the two versions of Keasbey Nights. The album was most likely recorded to speed up Tomas Kalnoky’s contract with Victory Records.

The pressing info is as follows: 117 copies on clear with black smoke, 240 copies on white and 320 copies on tan. If you order from any place other than Victory you will get either white or tan. I fully expected to get the tan/320 variant as is typical when ordering from distros (getting the least rare color) but received the white /240 variant. The clear with black smoke variant is sold out.


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