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New Found Glory – Kill It Live

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Vinyl

New Found Glory released their first live album, Kill It Live, a few weeks ago through Bridge 9 Records. The album also features three new songs that are tacked on to the end, “I Want To Believe,” “Connect The Dots” and “First Bite.” The live portion of the album was recorded over two nights at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Seventeen songs were chosen, representing all the band’s albums and the Tip Of The Iceberg EP.

The record was pressed as a double LP and comes housed in a gatefold jacket. Each record comes in a printed cardboard sleeve that has a picture of everyone who attended either of the shows at the Chain Reaction formed into a collage. The gatefold has a shot of the band at the front of stage after one of the shows, which also captures the crowd. A download code or CD is not included with the record, instead B9 sent out a download code via email to those who pre-ordered/order through them. The download is for low quality 192 kbps MP3’s however. Since codes are not included with the record I assume if you don’t order from B9 you are screwed in terms of getting MP3’s of the album without having to pay extra for it if you want to be legit about obtaining them.

A new thing B9 did with pre-orders for this album is offering exclusive early access pre-order for thos who pre-ordered the Connect The Dots 7” from them. A code was sent to said people which gave them early access (a 1-2 hour window) before it went live to the general public. The pressing info is as follows; 100 on half clear/half yellow (friends press) 300 on yellow, 600 on white, 800 on clear (Hot Topic exclusive) 1000 on half white/half black, 1200 on half yellow/half black. Something else new B9 did with the usual friends press was make it available to the general public, but only to those who bought a bundle for all the variants. Only 50 copies of the friends press were made available this way. Typically B9 inserts the friends presses in random orders in place of whatever color the person ordered.


The last of Senses Fail’s albums not to be pressed on vinyl is now crossed off that list as Life Is Not A Waiting Room was released in early October. It was pressed on two colors both limited to 500 copies each. A “tie-dye” splatter which is clear with red, blue and grey splatter and blue/grey swirl. As of writing this the only color sold out is the tie-dye splatter.

The record comes with a fold out insert, which has the lyrics printed on one of the inside panels. I would assume the art layout for the insert was taken from the booklet found with the CD version of the album, with none of the artwork being re-imagined or brand new for the vinyl version. The fold out insert is a nice touch, definitely better than the typical double sided, one page insert that comes with most records.

Minus The Bear released a second acoustic album this fall titled Acoustics II. The band did a Pledge Music (a kickstarter esque crowd sourcing site) campaign to raise funds for something, although I’m not sure any of it actually went to anything related to the recording/ release of the album. I  say that because there was no mention of to common tag lines associated with kickstarter type things like “contributions go to help fund the recording process, to pay for a vinyl pressing or any other manufacturing costs associated with releasing an album.” It just seemed like a way to generate some quick cash.

There were rewards though, so you did get something for your money. Rewards ranged from $15 for a CD all the way up to $1,000 for a signed acoustic guitar. There was supposed to be a pledger exclusive color for the record, which did not turn out to be as that color was also sold on tour. Test pressings with a hand written lyric sheet were also made available for a $150 pledge Apparently people never received a hand written lyric sheet, only a photocopied thank you note. The cheapest option for the record was $40, but this came signed by the band. Copies of the record bought outside of the Pledge Music campaign were around $20 depending on where you bought it.

There are also two brand new songs on Acoustics II, which are mixed into the album. They do not fall consecutively at the beginning or end of the album. They are track 1 “Riddles” and track 6 “The Storm.” The new songs are in the acoustic vein, but not as stripped down as the earlier MTB tracks found on the album.

The pressing info is a bit hazy for this, are there are three known colors all limited to 1,000 copies each; 180 gram black, 3-color blend/split (red/blue/black) and blue/black/clear splatter (which is the pledger and tour exclusive). There are a total of 5,000 copies pressed, with the first 3,000 copies on colored vinyl (I guess 180g black counts as colored vinyl in Minus The Bear and Suicide Squeeze’s book). The remaining 2,000 copies will be made available internationally (as in outside the U.S.) No word on color or any other finer details for those remaining 2,000 copies. The copies out there so far come with a one-sided insert that has the lyrics printed on it. But since eight out of the 10 songs are not new the lyrics sheet is pretty pointless.

Even though The Horrible Crowes had only played one show prior to this live album being recorded, it was someone’s brilliant idea for the band to release a live album. Now in no way does that mean this live album is terrible, it’s just not the most logical thing to do. The album was recorded at, as the title suggests, the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Continuing the not enough to make due theme going on here, since The Horrible Crowes have only released one studio album to date, this live album is that sole album played front to back with the exception of two cover songs mixed in.

The record was pressed as a double LP and comes packaged with a DVD of the performance. So not only was the band’s second show recorded for audio but video as well. The show also aired on some TV networks well before this live album was announced. A download card is included as well. The album comes in a gatefold jacket with no inserts. There are three variants for this record, with two being for a U.S. pressing and the third being an European exclusive. There were 500 copies pressed on blue/black swirl that was/is only available in various bundles through Side One Dummy, 1000 copies on black and 1000 copies on orange, which is the Euro exclusive.

The aforementioned bundles started out as expensive ones that included everything (CD, vinyl, shirt, print) but since I already bought a bundle from the band’s last release that included a shirt and print I have no need for more of those. I wasn’t going to spend more money just to get the rarest variant. Apparently I’m not alone as the bundle exclusive color is still available.